Owner : 松井さま
JCC G CH. Ocean of Golden Sugar CD
JCC G CH. Sniper of Golden Sugar CD
Pudding of Golden Sugar
JCC G CH. Birthday Gift of Golden Sugar
JKC & JCC G CH. Chopin Fairness of Uenoyama
Love Dream of Flower Mie
Candy One of Flower Mie
JCC G CH. Art Flower's Oriental Jasmine
AKC CH. Willow Cove's Time Card ROM
AKC & CKC CH. GrandGables It's Show Time ROM / ROMC
CKC CH. Ravenscourt Grandgable Success ROMC
JCC G CH. Art Flower's Honey Ribbon
JCC G CH. Heavenly Blue Wanders
JCC G CH. Art Flower's Laura Ashley
JCC G CH. Art Flower's Smart Mearas

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